The New Delta Half Marathon

The New Delta Half Marathon

The New Delta Half Marathon

We are pleased to announce that we are now coordinating the Delta Half Marathon. This 34 year old event was original put on by the Delta Ground Pounders Running Club and then taken over by several local Rotarians. This successful race was known for their amazing blueberry pancakes at the finish line and a flat fast route with many people touting a personal best. This is one of Vancouver's oldest races and we are honoured at Wet Coast Events to continue on this great race. As we take over the race we will be looking to move it to a new location and changing the date. deltamarathonnewmapWe are currently scoping out a 21 km loop through the Delta Watershed. This scenic trail will provide a backdrop to a challenging race through a serene park. We are also moving the race to the Thanksgiving weekend. This will provide runners with a 3rd race to choose from. Many runners already train for the Victoria or Kelowna over the summer but have to travel to those races from the Greater Vancouver Area. We feel we can provide those runners with a local option with a comparable race. We will also be adding a Marathon option to this race which will be 2 loops of the route. Keeping with tradition we will ensure that there is plenty of pancakes for all participants at the finish line. As we put our own spin on this race we hope you will join us as a runner, volunteer or sponsor. We welcome input from those in the community of what they think of our changes any any other suggestions they have. Registration will be announced shortly. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of future events and registration openings.

8 thoughts on “The New Delta Half Marathon

        1. maniac5702 Post author

          Looking at the cost to be Boston Qualified I am not sure the race has enough participants to warrant that at this time. Maybe in future.

          I will fill in the bc athletics event form.

  1. Lorna McGill

    I am really liking this new venue for the Delta half marathon. I have done it 3 times in Ladner and it was great, but the watershed is very scenic. Also closer to home for me! We need more half and full marathons in the lower mainland so thank you for picking this one up!

  2. Greg Flinn

    Hi there: I would like to register for this Event. When approx. will the registration be open or is it going to go ahead at all?

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