2015 Tynehead 5/8/12 Hour Races Recap

2015 Tynehead 5/8/12 Hour Races Recap

2015 Tynehead 5/8/12 Hour Races Recap

Running Socks! 11696560_10153417782985979_3374678709175901846_o The 4th Annual Tynehead 5/8/12 Hour Race has come to a finish and what a year. We had many inspirational runners who achieved distance PB's and a new course record. The Running Gods gave us a break on the weather and I had a feeling the cooler weather would give us some amazing results. This year we had a record number of Marathon Maniacs at the start line. Their positivity and energy set the tone for all the other racers. The first few laps seemed like it would be a race with Matt Session (seasoned ultra runner) with Malcolm Suarez. These two were matching pace for pace for the first 5 laps of Tynehead. Ultra runner Sheila Dawe and Scott Sebelsky for these five laps were even and consistent. First time ultra runner Richard Mac was keeping pace with Sheila Dawe. As time moved on it was revealed that Malcolm was doing his first marathon and was going to stop after he completed that distance. He was the first to complete the marathon distance. A handful of people complete the marathon distance in the 5 hours. A few runners from the Running Room stopped by and used the race for their training run who completed several loops in the 5 hour time. CJxdSE1UEAA0W-f (2) Around the 4 hour mark we had the Red Bull Team show up with ice cold Red Bulls! A lot of the runners scooped up their Red Bull and finished their race with wings. We had a 5 way tie for first place with 11 loops in the 5 hour time limit. With the 5 hour race complete the 8 hour racers continued on as we had a light mist of rain followed by a warm flash of humidity. Our race sponsor Muscle Mlk came out with ice cold refreshments for our racers. Tracey Marshall pushed forward and completed her 13 loops in the 8 hour time limit to win the 8 hour time. CJxcSQGUAAAgQf5   As the 8 hour participants left the race we were left with the 4 ultra runners. Sheila and Richard continued to keep their paces and not until lap 15 did she manage to lap Richard. Matt and Scott were within 3 laps of one another at one point but Matt with the power of freezies managed to crush out lap after lap in an amazing pace. Scott end up achieving his 100k race goal which was his furthest distance. He then packed up and headed home happy with his results. Richard, Sheila and Matt pushed on to the last minutes in the 12 hour race. Richard ran for his PB distance. Sheila pushed on to her own personal PB on the course. Matt completed 30 laps and enjoyed a beer at the finish line. Race photos and results are up. Next years race will be on July 10th 2016. Did you participate this year in the Tynehead Race? What did you like? What can we improve on? Would you be interested in a 24 hour race? 11054461_471506723032067_3228700086083595565_o

4 thoughts on “2015 Tynehead 5/8/12 Hour Races Recap

    1. Richard

      Phenomenally… Well Run event, and I enjoyed suffering the pain of every lap. Great to be able to stop by the “Goodie Table” and visit with the Race Director Gary Jones and various other friends that nicely “Popped by” to support all of the runners.

      Very Community Spirit Feel to this Event – I would certainly do this Race again…
      And, I would definitely consider doing a 24Hour Race put on by Wet Coast Events.

  1. Scott Sebelsky

    Awesome event. I can’t believe the amount of support from Gary as well as the other runners. This event is why I love running the small low key runs more than the large ones. It was inexpensive and yet an experience I will always remember (I can’t say that about many of the larger marathons that I’ve run in the past). When I got home Sunday night after running my first 100K I told my wife I achieved my goal and I don’t think I want to run any longer (time or distance). Two days later I’m now not so sure that I won’t try again. A 24 hour event would be fun and I would think about it.

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